Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8/6 SG share market

Hi guys

This morning is a good morning. I have notice that there is trend in the market now... Bt it may not be true. Just take for example. Cause DJIA may fail you. On closed to every weds of the week. The DJIA will bounce for the last 1 month aready.. And true enough...DJIA last nite rebounces. Today will be a good market to trade in STI which is sg market. I too have notice a few couners of stocks.
Manhatten resources
yangzijiang is todays counter that is a look at.... Lots of queing up if you can see from market depth. Does this applies strategy can be used in al market? Yes ...but do rember...
This strategy that i taught is only for few cents takers...Never be greedy with it. If you have earn enough for it....Take the money and run. Wether is is 20 or 200 or 2000... calculate your winnings vs your commissions then sell off when the buyers side is running low of people....

today later i will share more on options and stocks trading....

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