Friday, August 1, 2008

Edvience of why its better t closed your trade daily

Hi guys

Remeber me tell you all that its always adviseable to closed your trade daily in this unforseen conditions of the USA market. The last two days DJIA was flying all the way and making singapore market confidence and hence the maket too pick up last two days, So if you have not took my advise and strategy. Wether is it my strategy or your own or others. Its always adviseable to closed your trade daily....Unlike opions where you can do repair. For stocks trading you can never do any repair on it.
You can never forsee whats gonna be the market like tomorrow. So why take the risk? My advise is based on my experience for years of trading, There may always be good news or oil price comming down etc to make the market moves in th USA. But you never know how the market will react. Cause in todays market, the most important thing we have to understand is that its not the people that will react. Its the population of traders that will react. There may be alot of good news on earnings etc. But the market still does not go in the direction of whats too be. Why simple for my understanding. You may think that its good news for you and me. But not for family or youy family. The simple logic of this is that. You never know what i forsee and am thinking. Lets discuss this. Hope that you guys will give some comments. Cause there is not right or wrong.
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