Saturday, August 16, 2008

Options Trading update

Hi Readers

Sorry for the late post since last week. As i was really busy with some training.
Some emails that i have received will be replied later. Sorry for having you guys to read.
But do take note that. If you notice that i may be specking nonsense to some readers.
But if you doubt me. Try and click on the links on all kinds of options etc.
Read from their hard sell page. And see what they teach. Or wether am i talking nonsense.

True enough though. There is a adertiser that keot posting on my comments just to get links.
Saying that the platform used for trading like optionxpress and IB. Is not good enoough... HA...
If you pay for that whatever superfund ...You will be the stupid one. Casue why...simple.Am gonna share what is really practical. Check out whats the charges for that 5days seminar??? and you can also check out search engine or clicks on the them cause i may have left somethings that i do not have the time to or miss out to explain.
This tradingguide here to help. So if yu think that you are gonna charge for sharing...please go and post in other sites. I welcome all readers to share what they have learn too.Like strategy, wether it work or not. Or did yu pplied wrongly....etc.Lets share some.If you have problem on posting. Email me . And i will help you guys post and see what others see and what i see.....

After which i will be starting a blog on this internet business which is gonna work from first step.So do keep out for the link. Cause i am having alot of problem with trying t get hold of a IT guy to help me setup. Like how to paste pics and charts for you all to see. Am not a WEB guys though. And i do need alot of help. So if you as a fan of mine think that you can help me. Please do email me at

Please await the update which i will try to do some today.

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Anonymous said...

one history of options trading:

Description: KEY JUN 17.5 Put 6/12/2008
Stock: KEY at 12.28
Action: Sold To Close
Quantity: 20 contract(s)
Price: $5.20
Commission: $25.00
Reg Fees: $0.00
Net Amt: $10,375.00
this is 1112% returns

options are the same as shares. More fun due to the huge volume in the US market. Gapping plays an important part in option trading...

BTO FLR MAY08 165C 1 contracts @ 2.73747 = USD $1,003.50
STC FLR MAY08 165C 1 contracts @ 10.8008 = USD $5,400

Profits = USD $5,400 - $1,003.50 = $ 4,393.00

BTO CSIQ MAY08 35C 1 contracts @ 4.100 = USD $ 1,230
STC CSIQ MAY08 35C 1 contracts @ 11.50 = USD $ 3,450

Profits = USD $ 3,450 - $ 1,230 =$ 2,215.80


MTL is one of the stocks that fulfils the 45 degree line , up up and away
MTL has sound fundamentals, double digit growth in income and sales growth

I have utilized the power to produce this amazing return, and finally manage to breach the 1000 % mark.

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