Monday, August 18, 2008

trading emotions

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Emotions in trading is very important. Understand why emotion is the main factor in trading is very important. You see, if you dare to trade you must be first prepare yourself to lost. If you cannot take losses...I would rather say...dun trade. Simply why.
Reason begin. Its the human nature. You will tend to panic in trading. You have to understand this. when you buy whatever counter. You must first set your losses. Ever woner why automatic trading is begin used? Simple also. Because is there to take your emotions away. To keep you away from looking at it. Do you think its just a simple system for you to just walk away.No No NOOOOOoooo..... Its for you keep your emotions away. Not to take your profit unless its hits your target. And to help you not to get your feelings in it so that you do not panic if its not in your directions. All traders always say that oh no problem..I can do it. let me tell you. Its not possible. Why...??? Cause its all hard earn money. right. Frankly till today after years of training. Am still not able to even say that i can overcome. But why am i able to trade. Ever wonder why you see those funds managers and Hegdefunds can trade so well...Simple....Its not their money. You try and see if its their own cash. Will they be able to perform so well??? They dun have to be resposible for the money in losses...Thats why if emotions are not involved, then you can do it very very well. And make tones of money. But its your blood and sweat money. So you think that you do it....????Ask yourself this. Is this the facts that am saying....

I always used automatic trading. Why. I always want to keep myself free and i always prepare myself to losses of what i can affort. And to take profits minum 3 folds or 4 folds or my investment. if i cannot. I leave it. Why? There is a reason.... cal yourself.
if you can lost 3 games and winning 1 game can win your losses. If you do not take min winning of 3x investment. Then you cannot even lose a single time and you are out of the game.
for example. you have 10k
spread it. 5k for reservse.

Trade on 5 k. Then spread it again. every trade i risk 200. for gains of 600. if you hit losing 1k have a problem right. Did you get the system work??? Check it again. Do you research again.....Study again. After which you risk again. Spreading it can let you risk 5 times. of 1 k each. and each 1k you risk it into 5 times again. Simple...

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