Thursday, July 31, 2008

in contributions to yesterdays post

Hi guys

If any of you caught what i was talking about. Did you manage to get the fish manhatten resources. It fly all the way from opening 0.85 all the way to 0.94 early in the morning. Well i did of course. Cause i went in at 0.9 and holding now. At 0.935 am in the morning now. The counter is always worth looking at. Today i will cont to update where i left off yesterday later in the evening. Cheers

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

strategy 1 cont

Hi all

Hope you guys can keep up with me. now where did i left off with the strategy.
Ok now. After you get all those market depth.
And one day in advance you keep track of the stocks.
Like today...i notice that manhatten resources has a gain of about 9 cents. Did not manage to catch any today. As i am looking at it today. Maybe tomr will be a good chance at it. Cause i check the charts. this counter has always got the strenght to fly all the way kind. if you dun belive me. Check out the history. Sometimes it moves in 10-20cents.
What you do is this. Tmr on your account. check on the counter manhatten. check the market depth. If there is alot of buyers on the buyers side. dun ever forget this
buyers always wants to buy lower in price. So in the end they may end up buying higher. Why? Cause they later chase the market. So once you see that there is lots of buyers queing at the buyers side. And sellers only alittle, Its a good chance....
How to calculate it. Simple. I always do this. calculate the buyers queing to buy vs the sellers.
If buyers has more then double the vol of buying then the sellers. Then go in and buy at what the now price for buying. Dun wait. Why simple. If you wait then thats it. you will end up buying higher. how to enter the market. Key in the vol you intend to buy says 20lots. now....Wait....wait for the buy vol of the price to go down all the way to last 30-50 lots for selling. Before you grab it. So you can move the price to the next price. Says for example.
Now the trading price is 80 cents and queing to sell is only 40lots. you intend to buy only 20 lots ...You wait... says later hit about left only 30lots. You enter the market. So that the next person who buy or you who buy will move the price up. Then the good chance you gaining will be very high aready.... Am i right... now you digest and see if it really make sense. Even if you lost and people start backing out. The max you lost is maybe commissions etc....
thats it for now

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

options stockpick for this week

Hi all

I did a analist and found some of the shares in the USA market to take note of before it start flying.
For shorting: CAH ,RCL ,CYMI ,PCG ,C SHLD ,SUN ,LVS ,PFE
If you dun understand what all this codes are. Go to yahoo finance and do a search on it.
go to the bar where it states eneter symbol here.
Just key into it. Look at the charts. The following either has a accumulation recenlty or break a tick or candle in charting skills.
Do not understand...then read on what am gonna teach you


Monday, July 28, 2008

Options strategy bear call and bull put

Hi guys

let begin here with some good information. You can do a search all over the net on this two spreads and it will only tell you what is it. explain whats it. But never actually teach you on it.
So on all this comming post that i will be having. I will forcast on the above. And why all this seminars will collect so much money to teaching you whats known as the technique. its just a simple reason for it. You dun get this teaching anywhere expect financial schools. like all those kind of complicated Iron condor, pussy cat spread etc...Straddle spread etc... Do you really have to understand and know all those? For me NO is the answer. Why? Simple. With just bear call spread and Bull puts spread. You can actually save your position in the open and eventually even turn your position from negative to positive and make even more money.
Lets do it from the begining. understanding whats options are is important. And why people choose to trade options and whats the difference.
What are options, you can do a search and read from the net and that will save me from typing so much. So i will write this as simple as possible. Options are like warrants in Singapore. With expiry dates. So you have to take note of this. This is very very very important... when you have a options rember to check the dates and month of expiry. Just that unlike warrants. options can do spread strategy. While warrants cannot. So if you have a open position like buy or sell to short. You can save your positions if it goes against you. Well for now you guys will have to try and dijest what i have said. And i will cont' again tmr

Strategy 1 cont'

Hi guys

lets cont with where i parted off the last time. OK now lets start from having a Accounts with poems. Go to to get a online account. Then after which you appy for this service call market depth. From this magic or trick
Rember.... Only do this in the morning and after lunch. This is my trick
Look at some shares that you took note of the day before. Says like today i noted KS energy etc. under the top gainers and top vol. Look for some counters over there...
Then what you do the next day morning.
1) before the opening always rember before 9am
2) open your account and login.
3) go to some stocks or counters that you have noted the day before that has some gains on it.
4) lock them under your Fav section 1 or 2 so that you can have easy access to
5) now before you do anything. right click on the couner name and select market depth
6) now you try and think and see what am gonan teach you in the next post.
7) Do not do anything rush as of now. i only wan you guys to think first before acting.
whats gonna happen and what do you see. And what can you do with all this kind of information.

Cheers lets wait for some reply

28/7 stockpick today


Did anybody happen to take down and notice this following stocks today.
Early in the morning opening i aready made some money from it.
But please do not try anything before you know how to used this strategy.
caught fishing today:
KSenergy buy at 1.90 and sold at 1.95 for 20lots and made 5cents on it
Straitasia i did some as the price is way too high for me to buy much
So i just did a simple game on it
buy at 2.56 opening and sold half hr later at 2.90 as there are alot of sellers at the point
better take the cash and run man Made 4 cents
Today making is enough for me aready. I will not be looking at any more counters but instead i will be sharing more on trading with you guys here.

also took note of this counter call global ariel... will take note only

All this counters is not by any chance that i have news on. Rember....
So if you wanna know more on how i trade on as i will cont with my jornal

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good comments for magic

There are many things you cannot control, but you can control the only things that really matter: your mind and your attitude.

External forces have very little to do with success.

Those who program themselves for success find a way to succeed even in the most difficult of circumstances. Solutions to most problems come from one source and one source alone: yourself.

Living life to the fullest is a lot like shooting the rapids in a rubber raft. Once you've made the commitment, it's difficult to change your mind, turn around, and paddle upstream to placid waters. But it's the excitement and adventure that make it all worthwhile.

If you never make the attempt, you may never know the depths of despair, but neither will you experience the exhilaration of success.

Options Trading for US market

I will explain alittle here and there for trading in options. What are options and why trade options? in the comming post and also try to update all other post to keep up with readers.

Also up comming i will contribute alot on options spreads and why is it used. How its used?

And why used bear call and bull puts. How to do the spread etc

Where to get the information free and which counter to choose from.

Hope you guys really will give me some good advise and good comments

Cheers brothers and sisters

Shares strategy cont' (1)


I will cont where i left off. Now regards to why you should closed your position as a viewer email to ask me. Simple like what i said. Do you know whats gonna happen tmr? Will you know when you sleep tonite, how the market in US? Singapore is very much badly affected by US economic. So my thinking is always safer then sorry. All kinds of reading From all kind of charting will not help you. Trust me. Cause even if you can see a reversal in the chart today and can determine that there is gonna be a reversal. It can out turn in the result. So will it be better if you closed your position?
Secondly, don't you wanna sleep for the nite? If you have a position in the market now in this unforseen condition. i would advised not to keep any open position unless you are playing with OPTIONS. Why? Cause Options trading can do repair to save the position. When shares direct trading cannot. Thats why alot of traders choose not to trade with shares while options trading is a better options to do. Thats why i said that this strategy is only for people who wants to make a little here and there. And not for those big players in the market. So please before i finish with the strategy. Do not do anything and start guessing or do anything rush before you finish and understand what am gonna teach you guys here.


strategy on shares trading 1(withdraw from trading)

Hi all
Well today am gonna update on one strategy for shares trading in singapore highlighted by one trainer claims that alot of people make alot money from it. Does it work? Yes alittle.
But problem is what counter to look at? you will have this problem...Well i will sloved the problem for you all. If you follow my blog. Cause in time to come. i will update the counters to take note of.But again its base on non gurantee... Cause it may not always happen that the counter will move.
Alright now lets take a look at the counters. Ask yourself...Whats moves the price of shares? Information and announcement right? But does insider news always gets to you? No right? So how do you know? For me its rather simple. I will look at top shares vol and price traded for the morning.
there is no formula for this. Its only base on strategy. Go and subscribe yourself with market depth. if you are using then at LP2 right click on the counter price and see market depth once you have it. You only have to pay 15.00 for it monthly if am not wrong.
then you will see a box pop up. there you will see the information. Buyers and sellers for the counter. now do you know why its worth or not worth paying for the seminar itself.
How to trade with this. This is actually very easy. You see the market depth when there is a lot of buyers and sellers on the prices. how many buyers for a certain price right? and sellers at a certain price is also there.
First thing to do. calculate the buyers queing to buy at lower price. Why....??? cause buyers always wanna get shares at a lower priced. Right? So whats does the sellers want? Ask yourself if you are a seller of the stock or counter...Always wannting to sell at a higher priced right to make more money. For this strategy...Never be greedy. Once you make says like a few cents from the counter. You sell and take the profits. Never wait. Why...cause you dun have to pay for it. So even after you sell it within the day you buy it. Don't keep it cause it will affect your portfolio for the next day. If you keep it for the trading next day. You will not have many margins to play around with it. trust me...You will love this game. well today is enough...if you happen to read it.
then lets cont' i will go about it and how to enter the counter and exist this counter making a few $10s - few $100s. this strategy should will not make you rich...Unless you hold on. But for me this strategy works fine. Taking cash bank into my accounts 3days later. well calculate this way. Why be greedy. if you can make $50.00 a day. then 20 days a month will give you extra of $1000.00. its all extra money for shopping and expenses right?
Come back tomorrow for update.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

shares trading strategy

good day brothers and sisters

Here i will wanna share today. First before i go into any strategy. You have to understand whats are the terms used. And also whats is what am i right?
How stuff works don't teach you or will ever reveal all this to you man i promised.
Whats all those secrets that alot of ppl are talking about?

Right here today i will share with you this.Since this is the first.I will talk about Shares trading before i go into forex and options trading.
Whats are shares? is it important? NO
What move share prices? important? YES
whats behind the movement? important? YES

If you are here reading this you will not agree with me as per some. But each has its own thinking.For me its not important to know whats shares are cause its just a figure.Ha ha.
For example. keppel all you hv to know is the code for it. why bother the rest. cause its not gonna let you make any money out of it right??? You have to understand that shares are companies that needs your money to invest in to it. And you yourself able to make some money from it.If you cannot make money from it.Then let me tell you. At this century now.
People who HOLD shares are stupid. Cause you dun know whats gonna happen tmr. I still rember that my dad always hold and hold for old man. They are safe players. but to me...its stupid.Why??? i will explain it later on.
For me to understand now. people who holds shares and buy in hugh quantity are the big Boys in the market.If you are not one of them. then you and i are the sparrows. Who says this sentence? Does it get familiar now? Have you paid for his course? Well if you have then i would say that... Congrats have learn nothing. Having saying that he says teaching you this and that? Does it in the end happen that you have bough a shares or counter? Well his secrets are open.
just telling you something that you can just get it for $15.00sgd amonth. And teach you how to look at it...And you will pay $888 or $1088 for it. does it make sense? well am waiting for the comments right now. Before i go on with the talk. I will later on reveal all his tricks in here...
read on....

trading life

Hi everybody

Welcome to my blog.As this is my first time blogging here.Hope that you will be patience.
Am here to share with you the life of my trading.All kinds of strategy that i have learn in the past and applied. I have paid lots of money for courses for OPTIONS, FOREX and SHARES TRADING. Having you been to my blog here. I will review all kinds of what market seminars have taught and are asking for SKY High prices to buy their words and things that may or may not work. In Singapore trading world, there are a few seminars for options trading. For example options, forex,shares etc that makes lots of money in the news. But does it work??? How it works??? Well am one of the guys that actually belive and paid for it. And later found that it may not be what you and i will be thinking of. But one thing for sure. I have learn and i think that market should be well aware of. Why do you wanna pay for something thats right in the market?
Why do you wanna trust or buy a course that uses charts and guides that pasted?
Why is it the when ever you attend the preview of the seminar, the charts aways shows you when they buy and sell to make profits? Have it ever cross your mind? Its all total shit man.
If you ask me after having realised ut after so many years. I too can make things happen in the chart thats in the PAST. Even you too can....
Do you think paying thousands of dollors for the seminars that grantee your success worth is?
Do you think that you will really be able to apply the strategy that is taught?
Do you think that you will be rich after you learn it?
Well let me tell you.

From my far most experience, The only person that is gonna be rich and laughing away with all your HARD earn money is the teacher/trainer that says to have begin taught you. Costing you few thousands dollors. Am i right? Have you attended the courses yourself? And later found that its not like what you are thinking? Promises made by the trainer for reviews and mailing list etc...Later found that the yahoo group died off?

Well after all this while. I taught to myself. I would wanna share all this with every body.
Whats the strategy is all about? And stop letting this kind of ppl make this kind money
1) Options trading seminars real strategy , Gapping, spreads and how to get information for free

2) Forex real time charting and entry by afew trainers that i have learn from
The real forex strategy that really works for free

3) Shares trading skills for short term and long term trading.
Intra day trading to day trading and buys and sells. For this STI trading.
I hope that i can post everyday what counters i am looking at and would buy and sell and cut loses at what point. Hoping that you will be able to really make some real cash.

Hope that you guys can be real patience with me . Cause its gonaa take a little time before i can really get this blog up. Hope that you guys will bookmark my blog. And give some comments.
Will this be a good idea

Trading guide