Monday, July 28, 2008

28/7 stockpick today


Did anybody happen to take down and notice this following stocks today.
Early in the morning opening i aready made some money from it.
But please do not try anything before you know how to used this strategy.
caught fishing today:
KSenergy buy at 1.90 and sold at 1.95 for 20lots and made 5cents on it
Straitasia i did some as the price is way too high for me to buy much
So i just did a simple game on it
buy at 2.56 opening and sold half hr later at 2.90 as there are alot of sellers at the point
better take the cash and run man Made 4 cents
Today making is enough for me aready. I will not be looking at any more counters but instead i will be sharing more on trading with you guys here.

also took note of this counter call global ariel... will take note only

All this counters is not by any chance that i have news on. Rember....
So if you wanna know more on how i trade on as i will cont with my jornal

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