Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shares strategy cont' (1)


I will cont where i left off. Now regards to why you should closed your position as a viewer email to ask me. Simple like what i said. Do you know whats gonna happen tmr? Will you know when you sleep tonite, how the market in US? Singapore is very much badly affected by US economic. So my thinking is always safer then sorry. All kinds of reading From all kind of charting will not help you. Trust me. Cause even if you can see a reversal in the chart today and can determine that there is gonna be a reversal. It can out turn in the result. So will it be better if you closed your position?
Secondly, don't you wanna sleep for the nite? If you have a position in the market now in this unforseen condition. i would advised not to keep any open position unless you are playing with OPTIONS. Why? Cause Options trading can do repair to save the position. When shares direct trading cannot. Thats why alot of traders choose not to trade with shares while options trading is a better options to do. Thats why i said that this strategy is only for people who wants to make a little here and there. And not for those big players in the market. So please before i finish with the strategy. Do not do anything and start guessing or do anything rush before you finish and understand what am gonna teach you guys here.


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