Saturday, July 26, 2008

shares trading strategy

good day brothers and sisters

Here i will wanna share today. First before i go into any strategy. You have to understand whats are the terms used. And also whats is what am i right?
How stuff works don't teach you or will ever reveal all this to you man i promised.
Whats all those secrets that alot of ppl are talking about?

Right here today i will share with you this.Since this is the first.I will talk about Shares trading before i go into forex and options trading.
Whats are shares? is it important? NO
What move share prices? important? YES
whats behind the movement? important? YES

If you are here reading this you will not agree with me as per some. But each has its own thinking.For me its not important to know whats shares are cause its just a figure.Ha ha.
For example. keppel all you hv to know is the code for it. why bother the rest. cause its not gonna let you make any money out of it right??? You have to understand that shares are companies that needs your money to invest in to it. And you yourself able to make some money from it.If you cannot make money from it.Then let me tell you. At this century now.
People who HOLD shares are stupid. Cause you dun know whats gonna happen tmr. I still rember that my dad always hold and hold for old man. They are safe players. but to me...its stupid.Why??? i will explain it later on.
For me to understand now. people who holds shares and buy in hugh quantity are the big Boys in the market.If you are not one of them. then you and i are the sparrows. Who says this sentence? Does it get familiar now? Have you paid for his course? Well if you have then i would say that... Congrats have learn nothing. Having saying that he says teaching you this and that? Does it in the end happen that you have bough a shares or counter? Well his secrets are open.
just telling you something that you can just get it for $15.00sgd amonth. And teach you how to look at it...And you will pay $888 or $1088 for it. does it make sense? well am waiting for the comments right now. Before i go on with the talk. I will later on reveal all his tricks in here...
read on....

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