Monday, July 28, 2008

Options strategy bear call and bull put

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let begin here with some good information. You can do a search all over the net on this two spreads and it will only tell you what is it. explain whats it. But never actually teach you on it.
So on all this comming post that i will be having. I will forcast on the above. And why all this seminars will collect so much money to teaching you whats known as the technique. its just a simple reason for it. You dun get this teaching anywhere expect financial schools. like all those kind of complicated Iron condor, pussy cat spread etc...Straddle spread etc... Do you really have to understand and know all those? For me NO is the answer. Why? Simple. With just bear call spread and Bull puts spread. You can actually save your position in the open and eventually even turn your position from negative to positive and make even more money.
Lets do it from the begining. understanding whats options are is important. And why people choose to trade options and whats the difference.
What are options, you can do a search and read from the net and that will save me from typing so much. So i will write this as simple as possible. Options are like warrants in Singapore. With expiry dates. So you have to take note of this. This is very very very important... when you have a options rember to check the dates and month of expiry. Just that unlike warrants. options can do spread strategy. While warrants cannot. So if you have a open position like buy or sell to short. You can save your positions if it goes against you. Well for now you guys will have to try and dijest what i have said. And i will cont' again tmr


Fiona said...

Hi tradingworld

Would like to really read and hope that you can really share whats all this about. My eaglenss really awaits for your teaching.As it really ture that in the net.They do not teach unlike you.
Hope that you can share your experience with us. Am waiting

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Anonymous said...


The way you speck for options is all shorts cuts. And for an inexperience person like me will not understand. Hope thta you will go step by step. Hope to learn more from your experience.
As for the strategy 1 that you spoke does it applies to all kind of market like HK malaysia ...???