Saturday, July 26, 2008

trading life

Hi everybody

Welcome to my blog.As this is my first time blogging here.Hope that you will be patience.
Am here to share with you the life of my trading.All kinds of strategy that i have learn in the past and applied. I have paid lots of money for courses for OPTIONS, FOREX and SHARES TRADING. Having you been to my blog here. I will review all kinds of what market seminars have taught and are asking for SKY High prices to buy their words and things that may or may not work. In Singapore trading world, there are a few seminars for options trading. For example options, forex,shares etc that makes lots of money in the news. But does it work??? How it works??? Well am one of the guys that actually belive and paid for it. And later found that it may not be what you and i will be thinking of. But one thing for sure. I have learn and i think that market should be well aware of. Why do you wanna pay for something thats right in the market?
Why do you wanna trust or buy a course that uses charts and guides that pasted?
Why is it the when ever you attend the preview of the seminar, the charts aways shows you when they buy and sell to make profits? Have it ever cross your mind? Its all total shit man.
If you ask me after having realised ut after so many years. I too can make things happen in the chart thats in the PAST. Even you too can....
Do you think paying thousands of dollors for the seminars that grantee your success worth is?
Do you think that you will really be able to apply the strategy that is taught?
Do you think that you will be rich after you learn it?
Well let me tell you.

From my far most experience, The only person that is gonna be rich and laughing away with all your HARD earn money is the teacher/trainer that says to have begin taught you. Costing you few thousands dollors. Am i right? Have you attended the courses yourself? And later found that its not like what you are thinking? Promises made by the trainer for reviews and mailing list etc...Later found that the yahoo group died off?

Well after all this while. I taught to myself. I would wanna share all this with every body.
Whats the strategy is all about? And stop letting this kind of ppl make this kind money
1) Options trading seminars real strategy , Gapping, spreads and how to get information for free

2) Forex real time charting and entry by afew trainers that i have learn from
The real forex strategy that really works for free

3) Shares trading skills for short term and long term trading.
Intra day trading to day trading and buys and sells. For this STI trading.
I hope that i can post everyday what counters i am looking at and would buy and sell and cut loses at what point. Hoping that you will be able to really make some real cash.

Hope that you guys can be real patience with me . Cause its gonaa take a little time before i can really get this blog up. Hope that you guys will bookmark my blog. And give some comments.
Will this be a good idea

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