Sunday, July 27, 2008

strategy on shares trading 1(withdraw from trading)

Hi all
Well today am gonna update on one strategy for shares trading in singapore highlighted by one trainer claims that alot of people make alot money from it. Does it work? Yes alittle.
But problem is what counter to look at? you will have this problem...Well i will sloved the problem for you all. If you follow my blog. Cause in time to come. i will update the counters to take note of.But again its base on non gurantee... Cause it may not always happen that the counter will move.
Alright now lets take a look at the counters. Ask yourself...Whats moves the price of shares? Information and announcement right? But does insider news always gets to you? No right? So how do you know? For me its rather simple. I will look at top shares vol and price traded for the morning.
there is no formula for this. Its only base on strategy. Go and subscribe yourself with market depth. if you are using then at LP2 right click on the counter price and see market depth once you have it. You only have to pay 15.00 for it monthly if am not wrong.
then you will see a box pop up. there you will see the information. Buyers and sellers for the counter. now do you know why its worth or not worth paying for the seminar itself.
How to trade with this. This is actually very easy. You see the market depth when there is a lot of buyers and sellers on the prices. how many buyers for a certain price right? and sellers at a certain price is also there.
First thing to do. calculate the buyers queing to buy at lower price. Why....??? cause buyers always wanna get shares at a lower priced. Right? So whats does the sellers want? Ask yourself if you are a seller of the stock or counter...Always wannting to sell at a higher priced right to make more money. For this strategy...Never be greedy. Once you make says like a few cents from the counter. You sell and take the profits. Never wait. Why...cause you dun have to pay for it. So even after you sell it within the day you buy it. Don't keep it cause it will affect your portfolio for the next day. If you keep it for the trading next day. You will not have many margins to play around with it. trust me...You will love this game. well today is enough...if you happen to read it.
then lets cont' i will go about it and how to enter the counter and exist this counter making a few $10s - few $100s. this strategy should will not make you rich...Unless you hold on. But for me this strategy works fine. Taking cash bank into my accounts 3days later. well calculate this way. Why be greedy. if you can make $50.00 a day. then 20 days a month will give you extra of $1000.00. its all extra money for shopping and expenses right?
Come back tomorrow for update.


Tradingworld said...

Hi can i ask a question in regards to your strategy?
Why do you advised to closed your position and your strategy seems like a bit strange. Cause shares trading we will only buy when we have confidence in the counter.

This is email to me.

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