Monday, July 28, 2008

Strategy 1 cont'

Hi guys

lets cont with where i parted off the last time. OK now lets start from having a Accounts with poems. Go to to get a online account. Then after which you appy for this service call market depth. From this magic or trick
Rember.... Only do this in the morning and after lunch. This is my trick
Look at some shares that you took note of the day before. Says like today i noted KS energy etc. under the top gainers and top vol. Look for some counters over there...
Then what you do the next day morning.
1) before the opening always rember before 9am
2) open your account and login.
3) go to some stocks or counters that you have noted the day before that has some gains on it.
4) lock them under your Fav section 1 or 2 so that you can have easy access to
5) now before you do anything. right click on the couner name and select market depth
6) now you try and think and see what am gonan teach you in the next post.
7) Do not do anything rush as of now. i only wan you guys to think first before acting.
whats gonna happen and what do you see. And what can you do with all this kind of information.

Cheers lets wait for some reply


Anonymous said...

Interested in Strategy 1, hope to learn from you.Thanks

Tradingworld said...


Dont worry. When i said that i will share means i will.
Like today is the best tim to short the market. So look out for counters in the top losers and look at some counters for free falls.