Wednesday, July 30, 2008

strategy 1 cont

Hi all

Hope you guys can keep up with me. now where did i left off with the strategy.
Ok now. After you get all those market depth.
And one day in advance you keep track of the stocks.
Like today...i notice that manhatten resources has a gain of about 9 cents. Did not manage to catch any today. As i am looking at it today. Maybe tomr will be a good chance at it. Cause i check the charts. this counter has always got the strenght to fly all the way kind. if you dun belive me. Check out the history. Sometimes it moves in 10-20cents.
What you do is this. Tmr on your account. check on the counter manhatten. check the market depth. If there is alot of buyers on the buyers side. dun ever forget this
buyers always wants to buy lower in price. So in the end they may end up buying higher. Why? Cause they later chase the market. So once you see that there is lots of buyers queing at the buyers side. And sellers only alittle, Its a good chance....
How to calculate it. Simple. I always do this. calculate the buyers queing to buy vs the sellers.
If buyers has more then double the vol of buying then the sellers. Then go in and buy at what the now price for buying. Dun wait. Why simple. If you wait then thats it. you will end up buying higher. how to enter the market. Key in the vol you intend to buy says 20lots. now....Wait....wait for the buy vol of the price to go down all the way to last 30-50 lots for selling. Before you grab it. So you can move the price to the next price. Says for example.
Now the trading price is 80 cents and queing to sell is only 40lots. you intend to buy only 20 lots ...You wait... says later hit about left only 30lots. You enter the market. So that the next person who buy or you who buy will move the price up. Then the good chance you gaining will be very high aready.... Am i right... now you digest and see if it really make sense. Even if you lost and people start backing out. The max you lost is maybe commissions etc....
thats it for now

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