Wednesday, August 6, 2008

to reply a comment on APH

Hi guys

Lets do a little bit of a sharing here and comments. A readers friend send and ask me on this APH which has insider trading. So i did a little research on it. rember me telling you guys that there will awalys be something comming up when there is insider trading??? Lets take a look here on the couner APH
this is totally free. there is a announcement make on dividend on 28/7 which was??? Ha...did i tell you that sure there is facts and factors around. So do take note of this...As this is one of the easiest strategy in the options market. Why...Cause the counter or stocks will either move in big ways either a up or down. So using options trading will be the best way out. Cause you can repair your status....even if its not in your direction....


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