Friday, August 29, 2008

Strategy 1 update

Hi readers

I have actually received quite a nunder of emails and some of the traders actually Addes me to MSN and ask me. Think alot still do not understand what and how this system works. And some i even scolded them online. If you want to learn. Please listen, do not think that you are so smart and out think and out do. I even gave out some of the counters to some of them to look at in the begining of the week. Let me explain again. My system is not a perfect system. Just that the probabilities of losses is lower by almost half thats all. But you have to rember that there is no GRANUATEE as to sure win. If you think that there is , Then this is not the place for you. Cause there is no such formula in this world. I do not want you readers to later loss money and blame me. just because you do not understand how it works.

First, You must have market depth to know about this strategy. If you do not have, then dun even think and anticipate that you know. By just telling me that you can see. Cause you cannot see like what i said. You have to do maths by adding up all the quing buyers vs the quing sellers.
Also, important is that this strategy its not advisable to look at speculative counters. i have this reader who ask me. Am looking at rowsely and oceanus and etc. I wonder why do you wanna look at all this counters when all this counters has such high volume of sellers and high vol and buyers. In the end the price will never move. fir me its just a simple thinking. Let me just share my though of view. And hope that you all will understand eventually. i have a student who ask me. i saw the papers that japan land Oii hong leong is buying and taking over.can i buy???
Ask your self this very question dude. Do you have the chance???
Simple. All this big boys in the market. When they buy and accumulate. Its way back time. By the time the news comes out or announce. They are the ones who are SELLING you. And you guys are the ones who are buying up all his shares that he is selling. In the end he just annouce that the bid to buy is not successful. Right? So why do you wanna do all this and get yourself trap.Its just a game of understanding readers. If you can just stand in the point of view. then you can win. example again. one student ask me. when the couner halt means have news. And i saw that alot of people are quing to buy. Can i go for it??? For me i will not even look at it. Simple again. if there is halting for news. Means that there will be alot of buyers. of course. But ther will also big big sellers. Why...the people who bought before the news will be waiting for this day and time to make money. So why do you wanna just in the dead line game???

Now. Lessons begin. One student ask me. so many counter. Which one to look at???
I tell her. Me too don't know dude. But i always do my own reseacrh for the week. How?
Lets say on fri nite there is news on banking in USA DJIA. Banks rates fall or interest rate affected etc. This will affect the DJIA. Then i will forcast on bank shares counter related couner in SG. Its the same. Let say fri nite there is issue on property in US again or freedie mae. then Look at property counters comming week. Thats why i do. As always. I wil also always have my own fav list of counters. Like On monday. I gave out closed to 13couners all on property. Just this week alone i make closed to 5k. without any capital. I dun keep anything or counter overnite. Why. Simple. I dun know whats gonna happen tommorrow. So why keep. Unless am able to tell that tonite DJIA or News in DJIA. Will make the market fly. If not why should i take the risk of it.Like wheelock. its one of the counter i gave out also. I made closed to 2k from it just in and out morning and in and out in the noon time. Its so simple.
Why all this counters are the best? Cause it expensive and no speculation on all this. Second,
I can easily move the price up or down.Why? cause there is not much sellers and there is always buyer on this kind of counter.You ahve to understand before you can trade. And dun think that you know before you understand what i taught. you can email me again to ask. But for heaven seek. Read and understand my training before you go in and wack. Like one student. She is very clever. She fully understand what i mean. And she went in and out with no problem and make closed to 10cents. just that she broke the rules. She kept it over nite. I hereby say again.
This step of entering the market is very important.
I have been using this techq in US market on options and also gaping to trade.
You always listen to people saying its so simple. And yet you do not know where to enter eve after the seminar. Well. This techq is one of the best. Why?
For example, i read a chart and know that this share is gonna move. And also i know that in the usa this counter has lots of inisder trade and also having earning announcment that nite. Do you have problem with the entry and what price to enter the market??? this is the basic problem that you are facing and alot of traders are the ones that is facing. Am trying very hard to explain again and again. For US market i can enter trades very fast and easy. Simple. cause i know what i am looking at. and the timming is very important. So i went in before the price start flying and i move the price up by one. Then i wait. Suddenly it will moe all the way. If there is news. then wait for the annoucement. then GApp...all the way...and sell back then take the cash and RUN man to your bank and keep it for spending. You have to master this techq before you can trade. Cause you guys all are having all this kind of entry which nobody in this world can teach you. and share with you. Or even seminars can teach you. Cause you will realise that all seminars are teaching you may be true about all kinds o indictors. But in the end. You still lost out to the market. Why...cause you do not understand.
afew ask me. Sms me when you trade on the counter i follow, I tell them No way. Why??? cause it not possible. reason begin is that if i do it this way, I will be the one sure win win. I just buy in and then tell you guys to buy , later then i start selling you it the same old theory. if you think you wanna be like a baby begin spoon feed. So to the nusery. Am not a nurse. You have to be able to stand on your own feet to trade for a little living.Doing a home work is a must. Knowing what is going to happen is a must too. Rember

Hope that i made myself clear and hope that you guys can learn for better,

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edward said...

Hi trader

Just wanted to ask. Whats the certeria for the entry of counters?
And of so many counters. Which are the counters or shares that i will be able to look at?

options trading strategy said...

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